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I am an experienced senior leader with skills in entrepreneurial business development, fundraising, strategic organisational change, education and influencing social care policy. I also have current and 25 years past experience as a trustee at Board level, including 8 years on a school board and, by learning both sides of the  relationship, I have gained an in-depth understanding of the complexities that might be encountered.

Are you a leader, committed to making a difference? Are you looking for ways that your organisation can grow and thrive? Be it a business, school or charity, the 1:1 Executive Coaching programmes will help you build on your leadership strengths and bring fresh thinking to difficult challenges. It will coach you to develop those intangible qualities which distinguish true leaders: the capacity to develop and express vision, to think strategically, to inspire others and to build support within and outside your organisation.



What others have said

  • “The coaching has enhanced my leadership skills”
  • “When David clarified and summarised what I was saying, it helped me to clarify it too.”
  • “We really concentrated on my leadership style and got underneath how I feel about my role.”
  • “It was more helpful than I was expecting.”
  • “Through working with David, he helped me gain a real insight into my leadership and management. His calm approach helpfully gave space to reflect on my style and he very effectively constructively challenged. His significant and current experience as a Chief Executive gives the coaching a real authenticity that I’m not sure would be achieved in any other way.”
  • “David has exceptional skills in Executive Coaching. He has been coaching me over the last four months, and the sessions have proved invaluable in helping me look objectively at my strengths and weaknesses, areas of expertise and to help me develop a personal and professional strategy for the next stage of my career.”
  • David has been my coach for over a year and my respect and admiration for his approach to coaching just keeps on growing! He is an excellent listener; he remains curious; he gently questions; he is enabling and he is astute and perceptive in his observations and reflections. I have never felt patronised by David; in fact I always feels like we are learning by exploring different options/scenarios together. If you are a manager or board member wanting to grow professionally and understand yourself better, contact David.”

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