DMA Europa Group
Integrated Marketing Solutions for Global Business

The DMA Europa Group represents a collective of innovative businesses aiming to provide the ultimate in B2B marketing communication services. Each facet of the Group can be combined, yet all operate autonomously for a personalised service.

Through the DMA Europa Group it is easy to build your perfect campaign, with all the guarantees of technical support and personal interaction to make it truly successful.

DMA Europa Ltd provides the PR hub of the group, offering orchestrated international PR campaigns, technical writing, multi-platform promotion and event support. Midland Technical Translations (MTT) delivers quality technical translation for overseas markets, from the factory floor to the courtroom. V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions produces pioneering 3D graphics and environments, encompassing product models to interactive environments. Meanwhile MaintainIT.TV covers all aspects of film, including script writing, direction and presenting, editing and video hosting. Subsidiaries of the Group are equipped with dedicated facilities so that any media regarding your company is of the utmost quality.

Offering a multitude of services to customers is a firm commitment of the DMA Europa Group. The versatility of the Group allows efficiency in all aspects of PR work, whether your business demands a single written and translated press release or a virtual exhibition stand built from scratch, the dedicated team will offer an entirely consistent professional approach throughout.

The DMA Europa Group stays abreast of evolving marketing opportunities, while offering them to customers in a way that can be implemented effectively. Captivating ideas conceived and implemented with a scope comparable to industry itself in addition to reliable personal service. This interchange between new methods and the older values of client service typifies the dynamic between the subsidiaries of the DMA Europa Group. It is four companies, with one approach.


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