Radiation Protection Advice Ltd (RPA.UK) is a new specialist company, based in the Historic City of Worcester in the West Midlands. RPA.UK was born out of the successes of our sister company, which has been doing business in the Nuclear Industry and beyond for many years. Because of this, RPA.UK has access to a vast and varied range of experience and expertise gained from a variety of different projects completed. RPA.UK was formed to carry out work for an extensive range of clients, all with a similar need:

Access to good quality, simple, value for money Radiation Protection Services. RPA.UK is built around a fantastic network. We are a smaller company, but are able to draw upon the resources of a huge pool of expertise, manpower, facilities and services due to the way we connect and do business. Like our sister company, which is certified and audited to BS EN ISO 9001, we ensure Quality is at the core of everything we do. This makes our day-to-day work easier and more efficient, which means we can spend more time looking after our clients’ needs and less time on administration.

RPA.UK utilises the latest technology for it’s benefits – we use secure cloud IT systems, portable computing equipment, fully auditable project, data and task management tools, highest quality chosen instrumentation and site equipment – all quality audited and tested regularly to ensure the highest standards.

Our aim is to complete every task we do with zero accidents, zero incidents, and zero hassle for our clients. We would be happy to provide any further information should you require it.

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