I offer a unique service, travelling to your home to assist you in making the changes you want to become more organised. The services I offer fall into two main categories.

Organising your space

Decluttering is really a process of noticing the environment around you in the present moment and letting go of what no longer serves you. This can be quite a challenging task to complete on your own. With someone there alongside you this can be a more productive and honest experience.
Once those items that no longer serve you are identified and removed, you are then able to see more clearly what you truly value and reorganise your space accordingly.
• Sorting and re-categorising art books and materials
• Decluttering garage space and reorganising items
• Setting up a new filing system for all paperwork
• Decluttering bedrooms, reprioritising the space for sleeping

Organising your time

Personal efficiency starts with exploring what your dreams are and finding out what is important to you. Using a coaching approach this is an enjoyable and reflective process to really get to grips with what it is you want to prioritise.

Once we have set your goals, the next step is to help you to take action. Drawing from a myriad of time management, productivity and personal efficiency resources I can help you to be more conscious of how you chose to use your time and live in a more balanced way.

• Establishing a practice of using a digital calendar for all tasks
• Learning how to prioritise commitments and let go of those that don’t contribute to a goal
• Making better use of time through chunking like activities together
• Having the courage to really prioritise a dream above all other commitments


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