Business Advisor Support – Emerging from the Pandemic by Samantha Preece


The past few years have forced us to deal with change on an unprecedented level. For many business owners this has been devastating, with very few businesses emerging unscathed as we come out of the other end of the pandemic.

So what can you do to help get your business back on track now that restrictions are easing and we are returning to a level of normality?

Check in with your customers

It is important that your customers know you are still here for them. Sadly, many organisations did not survive the pandemic, but if you have weathered the storm you should seek to re-engage with your customer base. This could be through a social media campaign where you promote your key messages (products, services, opening hours) or perhaps with an upbeat newsletter to your database reminding old and new customers that you are here for them.

Their wants and needs might have changed over the last few years, so it might be worth conducting some fresh customer research to check-in with them. Are they still looking for the same types of products or services? There may be opportunities for you to develop your offer to meet their new requirements.

Re-engage with your Staff

It has been tough for employers and employees alike. Your staff may be suffering from anxiety about what the future brings, or maybe they have been through changes to working hours and practices that have left them feeling disconnected from their colleagues.

Speak to your staff and reassure them where you can. If things are still uncertain, be honest with them. After the isolation of working from home, this might be a good time for some team-building events or socialising, so people can get used to working together again.

Change can be Good

Some businesses have found that the enforced break during Covid has given them time to review their plans and business strategy. Many have developed new products or services, or pivoted their core business and moved into a different sector. Now is the time to put these new ideas into action! Create an action plan of things you now need to do – this could be to recruit more staff, to invest in

more marketing or to target new customers. It is important to act whilst your ideas are fresh and whilst you have the motivation to make the change!

Build on Your Strengths

What did you learn about yourself and your business? Some business owners found that they were actually pretty resilient. Surviving a crisis can give us confidence – we can do it!

Others found that they have learnt new ways of working – which of us had heard of Teams or Zoom two years ago? We had to learn to adapt pretty quickly. Even though we are returning to the workplace, don’t be in a rush to abandon these digital tools. They can actually be very useful in terms of managing our time and our costs – increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

This may be a good opportunity to talk to your staff too. They may have learnt new skills during the pandemic, which could be useful at work. This could be an ideal opportunity to review people’s roles and responsibilities to make best use of their talents.

Seek Help Where You Need It

Sometimes, no matter how well we have weathered the storm, we need to accept that we can’t do everything ourselves. It is important to recognise where and where your business needs help. Worcestershire County Council has a whole range of business support services available – from grant funding through to specialist advice. Why not take a look at what is available and see if it would work for you?


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