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by Emma White, Real World Coaching

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In our latest business blog series, Emma White from Real World Coaching, based in Malvern Hills, Worcestershire, writes about the two pitfalls that business owners need to avoid. Read on to find out more.


The two Business Owner pitfalls…

“I do it myself because it’s easier’…AND ‘why does no-one care about my business like I do?!”

“I do it myself because it’s easier…”

These 7 words can single handedly stop your business from growing, AND completely disengage your team.

There are two fundamental areas to focus on:

  • Run the business
  • Grow the business

Once you are at the stage of bringing others in to ‘run’ you HAVE to let them do that and focus on growing.

Otherwise you are stuck in a cycle of not being able to grow as you never step away from the day to day… worse still, with expensive resources in the mix!

HOW things are handed over to other people is where the issue comes, and it is this moment that holds the potential for something wonderful if done right!

How aware are you of the behavioural preferences of yourself and the team around you?

You need to keep two things in mind every time you hand something over to someone and focus on these two areas:

  1. What is my natural behaviour with handing over control and how do I manage ME…

i.e do you hate handing over control… do you have a tendency to want to micro manage the how… do you skip over details and forget to tell someone the why…

  1. What is their natural behaviour and how do I give them the information in the right way to make this successful.

Do they need more detail than you would naturally give, do they need to understand the ‘why’, do they like a step by step checklist of how, or do they prefer a clear vision of the

outcome and to get there their own way…

Now, we can’t give everyone we meet a behavioural profile (wouldn’t life be so much easier if we all walked round in t-shirts with our behavioural preferences on, a bit  like the Dog neckerchiefs that tell you if they are friendly, like other people etc… just a thought!)

I digress, HOWEVER, what you can do is ask someone.

A simple question, so simple but so often over looked. The key is to never make assumptions to how someone learns, behaves, or wants to be worked with as it is likely different to how you would choose.

Here is a simple structure for handing stuff over.

  1. Outline of the task
  2. Why it is important, and how it impacts
  3. How the current process/mechanism/ways of working were formed and any areas that have to be done a certain way.
  4. How do you want to take this task on/ manage the handover?
  5. Agree boundaries: Clear deadlines, agree playbacks, milestones, reporting etc. AND agree where you step in, how do they get help, and how do they give you updates to reassure you that it is on track. Take away any temptation to micro manage!

Go on, give it a try and I promise your team will appreciate the time you spent getting to know how you work best together. This is also a great structure to use and think of when you have third parties doing work for you, i.e design, website etc.

“Why does no-one care about my business like I do?!”

The very first thing to acknowledge is that the statement is 100% correct! The sooner you recognise that, the easier it is to realign and understand what you can expect from other people.

Put it this way, there will be man, many businesses that you admire, and are a trusty supporter and follower of yourself… but you don’t  care about that business as much as your own, right? It wasn’t founded on your blood, sweat, tears, ideas and hard earned cash?!

BUT, your business WAS, and THAT is why you, and only you (unless you have an equally invested business partner) will care about your business and it’s success as much as you do..

Secondly, that’s ok!

That’s a completely normal scenario, and although you might find it frustrating that your team don’t get on-board and go to the levels that you would, or that your friends and family sometimes seem fatigued rather than invigorated by your business talk, the change that needs to happen, is a change in your expectations, not theres.

So, that’s the hard hitting bit, but ‘what the hell am I supposed to do with that statement’ I hear you say.

Well, let’s look at a different way of looking at it…

The shift needs to come in the question “How can I help this person care and believe in my business as much as they personally can?”

Remember only YOU are in your own head (if your like me, you’re probably thinking THANK GOD!), so all of your thoughts, ideas, and approaches are still just YOU, and your mission is to find a way of translating that to people to help them understand and get on-board so that they are clear on the direction, the why and their part in it.

When your business is just YOU, you do not have to do these things, but if you want to grow, and bring people in, you need to be prepared to change your approach to get the best results and understanding from others. As always, it all links back to behaviour…



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