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The growth hub are here to help businesses with international trade support

How can the Worcestershire growth hub help with international trade

Worcestershire Growth Hub work closely with the Department for International Trade as well as other regional Growth Hubs to provide Worcestershire businesses with the support they need.   

Whether it be with EU trade support or further across the globe, below you will find a series of programmes which could help your businesses with trading and exporting across the globe.  

Useful links

Lloyds bank international trade

Does trading overseas raise a lot of questions? The Lloyds Bank International trades portal gives you the information and support you need to expand into new markets.  Its a user-friendly resource detailed insight on global business. With 190 profiles, a data base of 110,00 importers and 30,000 exporters worldwide. A wealth of expertise in over 25,000 reports and an online library to answer all your questions about global markets.

Check, Change, Go

The Government are encouraging businesses to Check, Change and Go. To do this they have created a website which allows you to check how new regulations will effect your business. This resource will also give you information on the changes needed to be made to remain compliant and continue operations with Europe.


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