EU Exit & International Trade Support

On hand to help businesses with EU Exit and International Trade in 2021.

The UK has now left the EU meaning there are now new rules for those businesses that currently do business throughout Europe or even have to travel. Worcestershire Business Central is committed to supporting our businesses through the transition stage and beyond.

West Midlands Growth Hubs Website 

A new website has been launched to provide impartial information to help businesses stay informed about the changes that affect them and take advantage of new opportunities arising from the new rules which came into force from January 1. This resource is brought by a cluster of West Midlands Growth Hubs who are working together to encourage businesses to access support.

    Expert Led Events & Workshops

    Worcestershire Business Central have joined forces with Growth Hubs in Coventry and Warwickshire, Greater Birmingham and Solihull, the Black Country, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire and Marches to help businesses throughout the region understand the key areas of change and the challenges arising from the UK’s new trading status.

    Not only is there a website that is a hub of important information but there are also a number of Workshop and Events led by International Trade Experts who can answer your questions.

    The Government are encouraging businesses to Check, Change and Go. To do this they have created a website which allows you to check how new regulations will effect your business. This resource will also give you information on the changes needed to be made to remain compliant and continue operations with Europe.

    “By exiting the EU Customs Union and Single Market the UK is now an independent trading nation and businesses need to be aware of these new rules. This means we no longer have tariffs and quotas with the EU. Businesses need support as we transition to this new market in the UK.

    “Worcestershire Business Central are collaborating with the other Growth Hubs throughout the West Midlands, combining knowledge to create a valuable resource for our local businesses. We now have a team of EU Exit Specialists who can point business and staff in the right direction for those decisions that need to be made to secure long term success.”

    Kevin Aisbitt

    Growth Hub Manager, Worcestershire Business Central


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