Grants for Your Business

Whether you want to broaden your reach or launch new ventures, having the necessary funding to help you thrive is often a challenge. You may be wondering about the available funding options and what processes are involved.

Grants are a government or university funded form of financial support and can be accessed by a variety of businesses. However, there are many UK grants available that all come with certain application restrictions, some of which involve competitive and lengthy selection procedures.

At Worcestershire Business Central we can help you find a suitable business grant and guide you through the application process. We’ve provided some general advice below, but feel free to contact our team on 01905 677 888 for more information.

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What Grants Are Available to Me?


Most businesses are able to apply for a number of grants at any given time. The main types of grants include:

  • Direct grants
  • Soft loans
  • Equity finance

To find out more about the different types of grants on offer and which are relevant for you, you can use the business finance support finder on GOV.UK.

Am I Eligible for A Grant?

Though there should be no business prohibited from applying for a grant, each scheme will have its own set of objectives and criteria to decide whether you’re eligible or worthy of the funding.

If you need information on whether you would be eligible for a particular grant scheme, then call us today or contact us here and we’ll be happy to assist you.

7 Tips to Secure Your Grant

Applying for a grant can be a long and daunting process, but not to worry – the Worcestershire Business Central team can guide you through the complete application stage and ensure you’ve provided everything needed before submission.

Here are our top grant application tips to give yourself an edge over other applicants and help make sure your awarding body is completely convinced:


There are always new or updated grants that you can apply for so ensure you keep on track with the latest information.


Once you have the matching funds apply as soon as possible – those administering the scheme are often keenest to award grants early on and it will be less competitive when the scheme opens.


Prove that you’ll be using the grant for a specific project, as most grants are there to help you reach specific goals as opposed to general business funding.


Do not make a start to the project before you’ve applied as doing so will imply to the awarding body that you don’t really need the money.


Stick closely to the grant body’s objectives throughout your application and mention the benefits of your project in relation to the local community and environment.


Be truthful and include all the potential implications you may come across in your application.


It’s so important to submit a solid business plan alongside with your application – if you’ve written one already you may need to update it.

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