Helping Your Staff Deal With Uncertainty: Our Top Tips

Article by Grace Murphy

These past few years have been filled with uncertainties. The tribulations that everyone has encountered have altered how people live their lives. For businesses, it has transformed how they operate.


Most businesses adapted to the working from home lifestyle, with many choosing to become remote companies. Whilst these changes have been a success for many companies, the changes and uncertainties it has caused have impacted the workforce.


Facing the impact of the changing workplace have been employees. The past year saw an increase in the total of employees to 822,000 who were suffering from depression, anxiety or work-related stress. For some, these struggles were long-standing, and for others, they were new.


Leaders want to help their teams to deal with the uncertainties they have. They want to learn various ways to support their team and offer the help they may need. These are a few top tips to consider using to help communicate with your employees to help them deal with any uncertainty they might be facing.


Focus On What Can Be Controlled


One way to be an effective leader is by helping employees to acknowledge the things they have no control over. Instead, allow them to redirect their focus and attention onto what they can control. For instance, if the company’s systems are slowing down employees’ work speed, it is a factor the team cannot control. However, what they can control is the quality of their work. By helping them redirect their focus, you show that you have not only listened to their concerns but have also helped them find a factor they can control.


Offer Professional Support


Offering continuous support is an excellent way to help employees deal with uncertainties. As the company’s leader, it can be challenging to support each employee individually with what they are dealing with. Sometimes employees need that extra support to help them.

Consider investing in an employee assistance programme. These employer-paid schemes provide employees with the chance to access professional advice and support to help them with their mental health and wellbeing. It provides them with additional support to help them deal with any uncertainties.


Be Consistent In Leadership


In times of uncertainty, your employees will likely have numerous concerns that might be troubling them. It could be over factors out of their control, such as layoffs, childcare or working from home. As the company’s leader, one way to help ease employees’ uncertainties is by being consistent.


There will be times when you do not have all the answers to their questions. However, you can consistently show up for employees and be a reliable person for them. Show your employees that you are someone that they can rely on. Let them know that you are an engaged leader who understands and empathises with their struggles.



Welcome Any Suggestions


Each employee at the company was hired because they were the best candidate for the role. They know what that role entails, how to succeed and what resources are needed to accomplish their targets. Additionally, they will also understand their struggles and know what they need to resolve any issues they are facing.


Employees will have suggestions and ideas on improving the company and strengthening the internal culture. As a manager, welcoming any advice they have is essential. It can provide you with more accurate insight and an overview of your company and its current working environment. Listening to what employees have to say will provide you with a deeper understanding of the needs of your team. You may find that your knowledge of their needs is no longer relevant or accurate. Hearing what they need will help you make the changes needed to boost morale within the company. It can also help to ease any uncertainties employees may have with the running of your company.


Being eager and willing to accept employees’ feedback helps strengthen communication lines between employees and management.


Continue To Offer Support


As a leader, one of the best things that you can do for your team is to focus on the improvements that you can make. From there, you can do your best to offer employees meaningful support. Take the time to listen to what your employees are saying, but keep in mind that it is impossible to fix every problem.


Reflect on the vision statements of the company and its mission. Decide if the same principles apply to how you support your employees. If not, utilise this opportunity to ensure that they do.


Employees want to feel seen and heard by their management team. When management implements tactics to support their team and help them with any struggles they might be facing, it shows employees that they are valued. In turn, employee morale is boosted, and productivity will likely increase.



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