We provide engineering solutions and services to industry and manufacturing. We’re not limited to automation, but provide a multi-skilled approach to the best solution. We develop full design packages to enable clients to procure and build projects, taking the client concept to a set of clear specifications and documents.

We also provide engineering consultancy as part of the overall package or as individual activities, giving clients the confidence in their risk analysis, meeting regulation compliance and act on their behalf as their technical competence. Even during and after the construction process, we can help to optimise the operation.

Our third focus provides the essential training/documentation, as a packaged delivery at the right time and aimed at the right people.

With our enthusiasm for Engineering, we can also offer in-house STEM training to boost leadership and education.


Broadfield Crescent
Fernhill Heath

Defining Target Markets
Managing vs. Leading
Relocation/Moving premises
Training & Skills Development
Training & Skills Development
Engineering designs
Engineering consultancy

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