John Painter

John’s background

John Painter has been helping business owners to manage and grow their businesses for many years.  Having qualified initially as a chartered accountant, John soon found his focus moving towards assisting businesses to apply for funding, when grants were are relatively new concept and information had to be collated manually.

From early on, it became apparent to John that businesses want to borrow money in order to expand, but few are in position to do so. Many businesses are held back by the fact they cannot present their case and don’t have appropriate plans to convince lenders to invest. That’s where John felt his experience and expertise could be put to best use.

Supporting Worcestershire Business Growth

John moved to Worcestershire in 1991 and set up his own practice to help local businesses expand, improve cash flow and increase profits.  In 2003 he trained as a Business Coach and became accredited with Mindshop, this complemented John’s financial background and gave him the tools and processes to help businesses understand and implement their growth aims.

As his experience as a business coach grew, John soon took the approach of working backwards, asking business owners to specify what it is they want to get out of their business and making them visualise the end result, so that between them, they can work out a way of getting there.

When asked to deliver the Investing in Growth programme across Worcestershire, John was only too happy to lend his support and experience to businesses in the region, helping them to realise their expansion plans.

Who is it for?

The Investing In Growth programme is available for businesses that are:

1. Based in and trading from Worcestershire
2. Have fewer than 250 employees
3. Have turnover of less than 50 million Euros per annum

Call John 01905 45854 or 07785 268442

What help does John provide?
The support John offers to participating businesses is delivered through a blend of coaching and consultancy aimed at providing answers and giving a business direction.  Some sessions are offered on a one-to-one basis, particularly in the first instance, so that John can get a better understanding of the current position of the business and what the owners ultimately want to achieve.  

From there, the support may take the format of group workshops with other business owners as this provides the ideal platform for those who have had the same problems or are at the same stage of their business to share best practice and learn from each other’s experience.

John also encourages business owners to take advantage of the unlimited coaching support he offers online.  This helps them to formulate action plans for each individual element of their business such as finance, IT and marketing, helping to focus the business on reaching the next level and getting the owners into the habit of creating plans.

What do participating businesses gain?
Participating businesses usually find the biggest benefit of the Investing in Growth programme is that it makes their business worthy of, and ready for, investment.   Whether the business then seeks funding, a bank loan or to sell, they will have a far greater chance of success.

The key benefits of joining the Investing in Growth programme are:

  • Getting your business to the point where lenders would be happy to invest
  • Writing clear and concise business plans, that don’t just include all of the right information but present it in the best possible way
  • Getting a better understanding of what investors are looking for – such as your marketplace, specialisms, ideal customers and business direction.

The benefit of working with John is that he will go the extra mile to keep things moving.  Whether this is responding timely to emails or following up with queries outside office hours, John appreciates that time is precious and that a prompt reply will enable the business owners to move on with their thinking.

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