There is strength in numbers.

Multiply is a FREE and flexible programme that aims to help employers and individuals with their numeracy skills. Numeracy skills have been recognised as some of the most important skills that employers need from their staff.

The programme is completely flexible and bespoke to suit the employer and their commitments, regardless of sector or specific industry requirements.


The courses are also delivered in a fun and engaging way to ensure that everyone can embrace their numeracy skills.

How can Multiply help your business?

Multiply can help by:

  • Enhancing your workforce quality
  • Developing career progression and the personal and professional confidence of your staff
  • Reducing the numeracy mistakes made by your staff
  • Addresses your skills gaps.

What are the eligibity requirements?

Multiply only has two requirements:

  • Have to be aged 19+
  • For those without a level 2 maths qualification or want to develop numeracy skills for their role. 
The training can be built around an employees requirements and existing commitments, in-person or online, any time of the day, for as many weeks as needed.

Don’t let maths worry your workforce, help them to take the next step with Multiply and find the right course to build their confidence and ability, and in turn gain the benefits for your company.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about Multiply and how your business could benefit from the scheme. Contact the Worcestershire Growth Hub team who can help you access support via Multiply.


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