Sustainability In Business: How To Help Your Business Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The discussion around climate change is becoming much more prevalent, following the increase in research and documentaries about the impact it has on the world. As a result, many of us are not only starting to search for ways in which we can protect the environment in our personal lives, but also looking at what steps businesses are taking to create a greener future.

Whether it is using products which are made from biodegradable materials like sustainable polythene, or materials that have already been recycled– there is vast selection of options available for businesses to choose from. Aside from products, there is also a number of solutions businesses can implement in the office, which can also help in the fight against climate change.

Although many of us are working from home, there is a small percentage of individual who still go into the office to work. With lockdown restrictions being eased, many companies are searching for various ways to help their business reduce their carbon footprint as individuals return to work. To help you and your business to become eco-friendly, here are just a few examples on how you can help to create a greener working environment.

Going Paperless

Fortunately, many businesses have already taken steps to reduce the amount of paper they use in their day-to day work. This is because they have seen the benefit in how simple and quick it is to store and save documents on the computer or in cloud, in comparison to sharing them internally with their team or externally with clients. As a result, it reduces the amount of paper that is printed and distributed.

Using Sustainable Packaging

If your business frequently sends out packages, invest in more sustainable packing products. Switching to more sustainable packaging products, which are made from materials such as recycled polythene, will help businesses to reduce their wastage and any harm to the environment. For instance, Polythene UK’s sustainable products are a great example of how a business can reduce their carbon footprint with the materials that they use for packaging.

Turning Off The Lights

A simple, yet effective step. Not all businesses need to keep their lights on within the office overnight. If you can ensure that the last person who leaves the office at the end of the day turns off the lights, not only does it reduce your energy bill, but it also helps in reducing your environmental impact.

Recycling Bins

Whilst this step might sound a little obvious, there are a number of additional benefits to switching to recycling bins. By switching to recycling bins, businesses are able to save some money on buying bin liners and paying cleaners to empty them. At home, many of us already have recycling bins which we use almost on a daily basis.

For business looking to implement a recycling scheme within their working environment, highlight it as an extension of a process of what we already do at home, but continue it within the office as well. However, if you do wish to have bin liners in your bins, try finding alternative solutions such as eco polythene bags to use instead.

Eco-Friendly Products

Ensuring that your working environment is clean can unfortunately have a negative impact on the environment, depending on the products that are being used. For instance, single-use disposable wipes, cleaning products and solutions which contain hazardous chemicals can have an impact on the environment.

To combat this, switch to investing in more eco-friendly items to ensure that you have a clean working environment or find cleaning firms which have sustainable credentials.


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