The Steps To Take To Start Your Own Fleet Company

Article by Grace Murphy 

Are you thinking of starting your own fleet company? If so, then take a look at the guide we’ve put together below. It lists some of the essentials you’ll need to get your business started, as well as guidance on rules and regulations and hiring employees. Keep reading to learn more.

Forming A Business Plan A business plan is an essential tool for anyone thinking of launching their own business. It should list an outline of your business and your ambitions for it. You should include a timeline for what milestones you want the company to reach and when and a budget plan. A business plan is useful for you as the owner, as it allows you to stay on track and focused on your goals. It is also essential if you’re hoping to have outside support from investors. If you’re hoping to secure investment, then you’ll need to have a convincing and solid business plan in place.

Equipping Your Fleet

Before you launch your fleet, you need to make sure you have all the necessary equipment. Make sure to research all the necessary equipment for the cargo your company will be responsible for moving. As well as the trucks and trailers, you’ll need to know what size they need to be to hold the cargo. You’ll also need vehicle tracking technology to keep tabs on all your vehicles and ensure you’re meeting regulations for fleet drivers.

Meeting Regulations As well as making sure your fleet is licensed to operate, you’ll have to follow strict regulations regarding the distance and length your drivers are on the road. They will need to take regular breaks to avoid accidents caused by fatigue from driving for long periods of time. Regular safety and maintenance checks will also need to be carried out to ensure your fleet is safe on the roads.

Tachograph Analysis Software

Tachographs are installed on your fleet in order for you to be able to track their activity. It can help to avoid breaking regulations and irresponsible behaviour from fleet drivers. Tachograph analysis software from organisations such as FleetGO make it easier for you to keep track of tachograph information and driver activity.

Hiring Your Team

As well as hiring drivers for your fleet, you will need a dedicated team of managers and assistant managers to oversee them. Your entire team should be reliable, and knowledgeable of all the rules and regulations surrounding fleet management, accident management, vehicle telematics, and health and safety regulations. Your management will need to be able to remain highly organised and have great communication skills. Previous experience working in a fleet is desirable, as is some level of management experience.

Order Processing And Accounting

You will also need a system in place to keep track of orders and accounting software to reduce admin costs. Having both of these systems in place will help your business to remain organised, avoid unhappy customers, and keep operations running smoothly.


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