Three Reasons To Keep Your Office Virtual In 2021

If you run a business, then you will have had to adjust to the realities of everyone working from home this year. Some quickly grew to appreciate what remote working had to offer, but a lot of companies have had their eye on a return to the exact way things were before the pandemic, including heading back to the office. It’s perfectly understandable to want to bring back the status quo, and nothing says normal like everyone showing up to gather around the table for the Monday morning staff meeting, but there are some very good reasons why going office-free for good is the best course of action. Here are just a few.


The Pandemic Is Still Going To Be A Factor

As much as we want to look forward to a world in which the Coronavirus pandemic is not going to be a fact in our daily lives, the sad truth is that we’re going to be living in a COVID-19 world for some time to come. Lockdowns may come and go and government advice may change (and change back again, then change again) but it’s very important that employers look after their employees’ health. We all miss seeing each other in person, but working from home is one of the easiest ways to avoid risking anyone picking up the virus and spreading it. Don’t rush, think carefully.


All The Tools To Work Remotely Are There

If you’ve been waiting for things to get back to normal so you can get back to the office, then you may not have been putting the time and resources you need into making working from home work for you. During the course of this year there have been a million and one things to worry about, so it would be understandable if, for example, getting a decent communication software had slipped down the to-do list as you figured out which government support scheme your company is eligible for and tried to think about how your firm can prepare for Brexit. However, getting your business set up to run smoothly from home is a simple process with the right support. Impreza IT offer support and implementation of Microsoft Teams among many other services, so head over to their site and see how they can help you.


You Will Be Saving Money

This is certainly one of the simplest reasons to finally let go of that office space but it is also one of the most compelling, particularly as we head into the uncertain waters of a post-Brexit Britain. With things the way they are, we all need to be thinking about ways in which we can cut down on unnecessary expenses, and that office space that is sitting there going unused is a huge waste. And it’s not just about the cost of the space itself, it’s all the expenses that go with it, from energy bills to the coffee grounds and tea-bags. Other costs will inevitably come along, but saying goodbye to the building will definitely help to offset those.


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