Traditional Advertising Methods That Still Matter In 2021

Digital marketing methods have come leaps and bounds in recent years, thanks to advancements in technology. That’s come at the cost of more traditional advertising opportunities, which plenty of businesses now believe are too old fashioned to work. However, that’s not the case.

While digital methods are definitely worth relying on, they’re not the only way to entice customers and generate sales. Some traditional options still matter, even in 2021, and using them could prove mighty useful now that lockdown restrictions are disappearing.

Direct Mail

Given that email is often considered the modern version of direct mail, it might seem like the latter no longer serves much of a purpose. That’s not true, though.

Direct mail still tends to do well with engagement and return on investment, likely because of the benefits it offers over email. This form of advertising is considered more trustworthy and also provides a better sensory experience. What’s more, direct mail still allows for businesses to bring the digital aspect into their marketing. By making reference to social media channels or offering online discount codes, you can convince customers to visit your online space after attracting them with your offline advertising.


Most people don’t even consider signs to be a legitimate method of advertising. However, they have the potential to attract attention, establish brand identity, and showcase what makes a business special, so clearly, they’re a worthwhile investment.

Whether a sign will work for you or not depends on what you get. Luckily, there’s an immense variety of custom printed signage available through Discount Displays. From foam boards and bollards to van signs and fabric displays, there’s so many different ways you can advertise your business here. Throw in some cardboard cutouts, custom stickers, and wall graphics too, and it’s clear the advertising potential for signage is not to be missed.

Word Of Mouth

Most humans are social creatures. That’s partly why the pandemic has affected people so badly – their ability to interact with others has been restricted. Now that the country is opening up again, much of the population will be going out and socialising once more, which means you really need to be utilising word of mouth marketing.

Expecting your customers to advertise your business for you might seem like a risky move, but it’s proved quite successful over the years. If you provide excellent customer service, people won’t be able to resist talking about you, which then turns their friends and family into potential customers. You might not be the first topic that comes up, but if you impressed people enough, your recommendation will find its way into a conversation.

With so many different avenues to explore with marketing and advertising, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the choice. Whatever you do, though, don’t automatically ditch traditional methods in favour of digital ones. While the latter might be incredibly effective, the former can still have quite the impact if you focus on the right areas.


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