What are the Main Benefits of Kanban for Project Management?

A report from 2018 that involved over five thousand project managers, directors and senior executives from different industries around the world found that several organizations experience issues during many of the typical phases of a project, even though most project teams will spend a lot of time meticulously planning and carefully initiating the project. Statistics showed that almost half of projects are not finished within the given deadline, just over 40% go over budget, and just over 30% fail to meet the original goals defined during the planning stages.

If your projects are having similar problems, Kanban is an ideal tool that you can use to help you better manage and organize your workflow. Here are some of the main benefits of Kanban for project managers and team members.

Added Flexibility

Unlike traditional project management techniques that are often difficult to change during the process, Kanban is based on the practice of ‘just in time’, allowing it extra flexibility when it comes to adapting to market changes. Since Kanban focuses on tasks that are in progress and only adds work after the current work is completed, it becomes easier for the project manager to re-prioritize items in the backlog without causing any disruption to the workflow. This allows for easier flexibility and changes to be made to keep up with demand, making it possible to adapt the project as and when needed to respond to any changing needs of the market, organization, or customers.

More Transparent

One of the biggest reasons why Kanban has become so popular with project teams is that it uses a visual representation of information. The fact that the project and all the smaller tasks that it consists of are displayed on the Kanban board makes it easier for all team members to clearly understand the workflow and determine how the tasks correlate with one another. This leads to better planning of tasks and makes it easier for team members to both communicate and collaborate with each other on the work.

Reduce Waste and Spending

Kanban is a Lean method, so it is designed to ensure that resources are allocated wisely and that any waste is reduced as much as possible. This is one area where the benefits of using Kanban are often the clearest for project managers and teams. Having a visual workflow on the Kanban board means that it is easier to determine if certain team members have too much or not enough work, if the whole team is not producing as much as they could, or if bottlenecks and wasteful processes are occurring and where. Visualizing the flow of the project makes it possible for project managers to quickly notice any of these problems and address them quickly before they lead to bigger issues.

Continuous Improvement

One of the main benefits of Kanban is that it easily allows for continuous improvement and delivery. The fact that Kanban is able to significantly increase team focus and productivity means that the entire project team is able to work more efficiently and often avoid going over the budget. As a result, teams are in a better position to continually improve their work as they work through the tasks, avoiding situations that are all too common with many traditional project management methods, such as only discovering a problem once the project is completed.

Various Tools to Choose From

When it comes to implementing Kanban in your project management team, another benefit is that today, there are so many options to choose from. Depending on the project that you are working on, you can choose from either a physical or a digital Kanban board. Physical Kanban boards are often an ideal choice for project management teams that tend to work with their hands, such as in factories or on production lines. On the other hand, digital Kanban boards are a popular choice with software developers and in-office project teams who tend to get most of the work done on a computer. Kanbanize has a lot of helpful information designed to make it easier for you to pick the right Kanban tool for you. You can use Kanbanize to learn more about the benefits of the Kanban board and train your team on how to get the most out of it.

Where Kanban Benefits Project Management Most

Kanban is a tool that is very versatile and can be implemented easily and adapted to suit almost any industry. This makes it easy to apply to any of the five stages of project management. However, the stages of project planning and execution are where Kanban really can make a difference, by providing a visual representation of your project and the tasks involved that are easy to follow. And, it can make it easier for project managers and teams to avoid some of the most common and expensive mistakes that often occur during these stages.

If you and your team are experiencing common project management issues such as missing deadlines, going over the budget, and failing to meet goals, Kanban can help you get better results for your organization and customers.


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