Why Germany Could be the Perfect Location to Expand Your Business To

Business growth and expansion is something that many business owners dream of. It’s a goal that can be set out years in advance, with a company taking all the “right” steps to get to the point where expansion is not only a possibility but necessary. Of course, once you reach that point it’s not as simple as just saying yes to expansion, there needs to be a robust plan in place that guides how, when, and where the expansion takes place.

If your business is nearing that point where expansion will not only make sense but will be necessary in order for it to continue in a smooth manner, then you may want to consider the market of Germany. Germany has a lot going for it and may be the place you should set your sights on. So, let’s take a closer look at just why Germany may be right for your expansion.

Germany is Centrally Located

First off, it’s important to point out Germany’s physical location. It is in the heart of the European continent, making it a convenient place for many companies to set up a physical location. All of Europe is within reach, and it is often seen as a hub of activity.

There is a Confidence in the German Marketplace

Setting up shop in a new country can be risky, and you want to be sure you’re choosing a location where there is confidence. Germany has worked hard to really build upon its confidence ranking over the past couple of decades, and all that work has paid off. Not only is there confidence in the manufacturing market – which is pivotal – but there is that all-important consumer confidence, which is what keeps a market chugging along successfully.

You Can Take Advantage of Outsourcing

Another big pro is that just because you may want to open another physical location in Germany, it doesn’t mean you need to pack up and go live there just to manage the business. In fact, for those outside of Germany, the hiring, employment laws, the administrative procedures, and even the payroll system can be incredibly confusing.

Everything has to be done exactly right, following all local laws and procedures, so it’s not an area you can just guess how things work and make the assumption you’re doing it right. A great solution can be to outsource payroll in Germany, something that can take a world of responsibility off your shoulders.

Working with companies who are expanding into the German market, and providing these companies with payroll outsourcing is something that New Horizons Global Partners knows all about. It doesn’t matter if the company is a registered entity or not, New Horizons can step in and offer that all-important assistance with payroll. Its services can be tailored to fit the specific needs of the company, helping you to reach success that much faster in Germany.

Its Manufacturing Offerings are World-Renown

If you happen to be in the manufacturing business, Germany can make even more sense as this is probably one of, if not the strongest market in the country. In fact, it often rates right up there in terms of locations in the world known for their manufacturing capabilities, often trailing just behind China.

And it’s not just any type of manufacturing; it is precision engineering and manufacturing of small and individual components that it excels in. It should come as no surprise that Germany is home to many car parts manufacturers. It tends to appeal to companies who not only want to manufacture, but want to do so with a high degree of accuracy and quality, want to conduct research and production together, and get more customised products as an end result.

Take Advantage of the Skilled Labour Force

Another big factor when expanding your company into another country is to consider the labour force. You want to be sure that the local labour force will be able to fulfil your needs and ensure the company is successful. This is yet another area Germany shines and can pull ahead from competing countries.

You’ll have a massive pool of local talent to choose from, and you can take advantage of the fact that Germany is part of the EU which makes it relatively easy for people to move about and relocate if necessary. Germany also has the ability to sponsor employees, which makes it possible to fast-track their residency. This applies to employees coming from outside of the EU.

The Next Logical Step

So, if you’ve got a company that is ready for expansion, and it’s Europe that you have your sights on, Germany is a location that should not only get consideration but get your full attention. Its list of advantages only seems to grow each year, making it a fabulous place to set up shop.


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