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Lead generation is the process of driving interest in your products and services to develop the sales pipeline. At Worcestershire Business Central we can help you to find guidance on the whole lead generation process, from identifying new markets to successfully attracting leads and closing sales.

Generating effective leads can be challenging and take some time. If you’re in need of support to get you started let us direct you to local, experienced professionals who can help you find avenues for growth.

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The Lead Generation Process

Lead generation uses a combination of offline and increasingly digital channels with the aim of converting sales easier and quicker. However, as consumers have more and more access to information online to make informed purchasing decisions, it’s essential to form a strong lead generation strategy to stand out and build trustful relationships with potential customers.

Researching your market

will help you create a strategy tailored to your target customers, which will generate better leads and sales. It’s also essential to track the  lead generation process from initial interest through to conversion and beyond, to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your efforts.

9 Great Ways to Generate Leads

The way you choose to generate leads will depend on many factors such as your specific type of business, products and services, however always use a number of approaches to be sure you’re not missing out on valuable potential leads:

There are lead generation services or sales agents who will specialise in your sector and have an established network of contacts.
You can go through third parties you work with such as retailers or distributors.
Use existing customers – ask them to recommend you to their family, friends and colleagues. Talk to potential customers who don’t use your business at the moment and learn what it would take for them to switch to you.
Develop a strong digital presence. Update your website and blog and employ engaging videos and graphics. Use social media to reach out to new leads and generate interest in your brand. Implementing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can further help you be seen online and attract the right audience.
Keep a list of customers and people who have contacted you and send them email marketing messages. It’s also a good idea to set up an email auto-responder for all leads, which will contact them at different stages of the sales pipeline and keep them engaged.
Attend events such as trade shows, industry events and networking events. You could even host your own event, such as a webinar, to generate relevant leads. Be sure to follow up event leads – direct mail marketing can be an effective way to engage leads.
Create sufficient media coverage by making ongoing announcements on news sites, or use press releases.
Sponsoring and advertising – sponsor a local event or find new customers by advertising in your local area. As well as traditional print advertising you may also benefit from Pay Per Click advertising.

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